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TANZEN Single:

TANZEN 12″ Electro Mix:

TANZEN Extended 12″ Electro Instrumental

TANZEN Classic Mix


TANZEN hits the dance floors. The crowd starts to dance. While dancing flies by, the night disappears and suddenly morning rises. You want to dance into the day, you flirt, you enjoy yourself, being together and the music. TANZEN is an energetic catchy pop song with driving drums and powerful synths.

New Artist Profile on Spotify

Summer Dance Project is a Music Project based in Hannover, Germany. Their music is influenced by genres EDM, Disco, Dance, Pop, Electronic, New Wave and Rock.  All Music is composed, written and arranged by Lars. Lars is an electronic music producer. For years it was his dream to make music. He had ideas but didn’t know how to implement them. Then he discovered the digital audio workstation „FL Studio“ and since 2017 he has been working with this DAW and continues to develop and improve in songwriting, mixing and mastering.