SUMMER DANCE PROJECT is a German electronic music project from Hannover that was formed in 2016. Their music is influenced by genres synth-pop, new wave, edm, dance rock, electronic rock and bands like Simple Minds, Depeche Mode and artists like Daft Punk, Phunk Investigation, The Weeknd, Robin Schulz or twocolors. All music is composed, written and arranged by Lars. Lars is an electronic music producer. For years it was his dream to make music. He had ideas but didn’t know how to implement them. Then he discovered the digital audio workstation FL Studio and since 2016 he has been working with this DAW and continues to develop and improve in songwriting, mixing and mastering. In 2019 Lars worked with singer and composer Anja on songs. STERNENTOR and GEH NICHT MEIN HERZ with german lyrics appeared under the band name MISSION QUANTUM FIELD. In 2020 Lars wrote the tracks Summer Breeze, Tanzen (with german lyrics) and The Night. In 2021 Summer Dance Project signed to Mojoheadz Records (Los Angeles) with the song The Girl in the Yellow Dress . The international record label for club dance / electronic music released the song in october. Also in 2021 the tracks The Party Of Our Lives and Summertime – radio edit came to life. Traveling In Time and Fever released in 2022. New single „IN DIESEN TAGEN“ releases 31th of march 2023. Lars is also host of the podcast The Music Talk by Summer Dance Project. The show is available to stream on Spotify. Visit

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Discography // Songs

2016 Midnight Crisis

2016 Rise And Fall

2016 Saturday Night

2017 Life To Offer

2017 Terrific View

2017 Out Of This World

2017 The Best One

2017 Not The Right Way

2017 Send A Prayer

2018 In My Life Again

2018 Where You Are

2018 You Should Regret

2018 It’s A Mess

2019 Feelings On The Dancefloor

2019 Geh Nicht Mein Herz (feat. Mission Quantum Field)

2019 Sternentor (feat. Mission Quantum Field)

2020 Remember The Good Times

2020 Tanzen

2020 Paralyze

2020 Summer Breeze

2020 The Night

2021 The Girl In The Yellow Dress (Mojoheadz, Los Angeles)

2021 The Party Of Our Lives

2021 Summertime – radio edit

2022 Traveling In Time

2022 Fever

31th of march 2023 AN DIESEN TAGEN

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