How to record short song ideas? / Today: Nara Arnaux (Brazil) / The Music Talk / Interviews

Season 1 / Episode 4 (11/05/2021): Nara Arnaux (Brasilia, Brazil) speaks about how she started with music. She is a singer. She speaks about working with her producers. She is making music for five years and released four singles. Nara often has got song ideas in her dreams during sleeping and when she wakes up in the morning she records the ideas in her mobile phone. In this podcast she tells the whole story about this and she is speaking about her future plans. She would like to collaborate. Recorded on 01/05/2021! —————————————————

In this series, artists, singers and bands talk about how they got into music, their current songs and future projects. They introduce their favorite bands and present their musical equipment. EVERY WEDNESDAY A NEW MUSIC TALK APPEARS ! Also available as PODCAST:​​ All Music Talks in one Playlist:…​ SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL:…


Guest Today: Nara Arnaux (Brasilia, Brazil) SPOTIFY:…​ YouTube:​ INSTAGRAM:


SUMMER DANCE PROJECT is a music project based in Hannover, Germany. SPOTIFY:…​ INSTAGRAM:…​ FACEBOOK:​ TWITTER:​ HOMEPAGE:​ ALL LINKS:


Outro song is taken from Summer Dance Project coming release THE PARTY OF OUR LIVES. Check out on Spotify.

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